Segregation – Part 10 – Social Issues Series


In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court declared in its unanimous decision in Brown v. the Board of Education that segregation violated the 14th Amendment.  Thus forcing all schools to desegregate.

Of course this was a great win for all Americans as it created diversity in education, leading to all races coming together in that great melting pot which has been America since the arrival of Europeans.


However, this was fought against by various groups, and the battle has gone on up to the present time.  Cleveland, Mississippi has fought the U.S. Justice Department for fifty years for the “right” to discriminate.  The schools there have been segregated with two high schools, one mostly white and one mostly black.  The middle school and junior high school  are also segregated in the same way.  The school system has been ordered to consolidate the high schools into one; along with the consolidation of the junior high and middle schools into one school.

The link below provides a lot of information regarding this case, including the timeline and a thorough understanding of the background and the actual verdict from the court.


Have you heard of this case before?  I know that ever since President Obama was elected many people have stated that there is no racism in America.  Do you believe that segregation doesn’t exist in America?  Leave your comments below.




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