Fear and Computers


Wait, is this a thing?

As I get older, there are some things that I feel have bulldozed over me on their way to getting bigger and better.  The best example of this is computers.  I had a Tandy when they first came out years and years ago.  For those of you who don’t know Tandy had Word Processors.  This was a great milestone indeed.  As a writer I loved the fact that I could simply change a few (or many) words without having to re-type the entire story (or poem).


Yes, it’s called being competent!

At work, I decided that I needed a computer, talked my boss into getting me one, and then after it was set up, my boss was less-than-thrilled to realize that I didn’t know how to use it.   I only needed about an hour of reading the instruction book, and I was good to go.  I even taught myself to use Lotus so that I could generate graphs and charts for my boss.


However, we now come to today.  When the time rolls around for me to update my security program, I look forward to it with fear and loathing.  The programs today are really user friendly, so all you have to do is what they tell you to.  How difficult is that?  Well, apparently it’s too intimidating for me.  I get so worried that I’m going to do something wrong and break my laptop.  At some point I stopped checking out all the programs on my computer and only use the ones I absolutely need.  There was a time that I had a fairly good understanding of what the different programs did, and could use them if I wanted to.  But, somehow along the way I got to scared that I’d “break” the computer and stopped trying new things.  I really think this is how people get “old”.  They let new or different things scare them, and they don’t bother to check new stuff out.

This is how I was when my son got his first Xbox.  Until I watched him play.  It looked like such fun that I did learn to play Fable.  From there I graduated to Skyrim and now I play Destiny on my Xbox One (yes, it is mine, a gift from my son).  The first game I learned how to play was Ryse: Son of Rome, and from there I went to Destiny.  I also have Elder Scrolls, but I’ve only played that one a few times.  I’m much too OCD, and am worried that I’ll never eat, sleep or get up off my couch again if I really start playing it.  At some point I will start playing it again, since life does not begin and end with Destiny.  (Wait, what?  It doesn’t?)


Do you think that’s how people get “old”?  They get much too intimidated by anything new and don’t try them?  Let me know in the comments below.


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