Celebrating the Wonderful


I haven’t done a “what was wonderful about this week” post in a while, so thought that I’d end the week with one.


            Mother’s Day – what a great day.  The only “work” I did was make my husband breakfast, wash the dishes and do some laundry.  Also was taken out to dinner.  And, my daughter bought me the movie Man of la Mancha. Happiness.


            The Huntsman – Winter’s War – I went to see this movie with my daughter on Sunday.  Loved it.


            Canadian Geese – usually we have turkey’s crossing the road in the morning, however on Tuesday morning while driving to the grocery store, I had to stop and wait for a pair of Canadian Geese to waddle across the road.  Priceless.


            Spring – The trees are budding, and there are some beautiful pink blossoms up the road from me.  The lilacs are blooming, and if I open some windows I can smell them in the house.  The rain ended (after about 6 days of on and off showers and downpours), and it brought about the most wonderful sights.


            Walking – Since the rains stopped, I’m back to walking every day.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.  I’m so lucky that I live in a rural section of the state.  Yesterday we saw two deer who were first peeking out of the woods looking at us, and then came out into the field before running back into the woods.  Nature is great!

I hope that you had a wonderful week.




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