Strange Sunday



This past Sunday was one of those odd, off days.  Do you ever wake up and just know that your day is going to run off the rails, and there is nothing you can do to stop it?  That was my Sunday.


At first, everything seemed okay.  I got up, showered and made my husband breakfast.  But then butterfingers set in as I washed the dishes and cleaned my downstairs bathroom.  Spills were just barely avoided, I dumped out the cleanser and dropped the dogs’ water bowl.


Even though I had the best of intentions, my daughter and I got a late start to the New England Veg Fest in Massachusetts.   The funny thing was, that even though we were a little late starting out, I assumed that we would get there at the right time since we were using GPS (I’d never been to that area of Worcester before).  Well, instead of sending us the quickest, easiest way, GPS decided that we need a long, meandering way into Worcester.  We got a wonderful view of the “wild” back country of Massachusetts.  (For those of you who think that the state of Massachusetts is made up of Boston and its suburbs, no, it is not!)

We did eventually make our way into Worcester, find a parking lot and make the cooking demonstration that we had hoped to see.  The wonderful Beverly Lynn Bennett from was the speaker, and by listening and watching her cooking demonstration I finally figured out the best kind of spiral slicer for my needs.  I will order one soon so that I can have fun with all those summer vegetables that will be arriving in the near future!


After that, we walked around the food court, decided on our lunch and stood in a corner to partake of a shared combination plate.  The food was okay, but the court was extremely crowded and there was nowhere to sit.  I’m not a “crowd” kind of person, so this was a little uncomfortable.  I’m sure there are other people who would have been fine with the crowding, but it’s just not my thing.  However, it was nice that there were so many people attending.


Then, we were able to get a seat for the main attraction (to me, and many others, since the room filled up with more than a few people standing).  Emily from  gave one of her fabulously informative talks about the meat and dairy industries, including links to where her information came from.  If you’re the least bit curious about Veganism, please visit her website.


But where’s the one that takes money??

We left soon afterwards, and I got a quick lesson in exiting the parking garage.  It was self-pay (which I’d never seen before), but I wanted to use actual money instead of a credit card.  Thanks to the kindness of strangers I did find the right kiosk, paid and was able to exit.  GPS sent us home the quickest and easiest way, thank goodness!  It was a different kind of day, and I could have done without the scenic route into Worcester.  However, I’m glad a caught the cooking demo and got to hear Emily in person.  I have to say that I hope I don’t have another weird off-the-rails day too soon.


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