Being Productive



Are you a procrastinator?  I know that I can be.  This is not something that I do all the time, but I definitely have days where I can’t get my act together at all.  The past week has been particularly bad.  I know the reasons for it, however I continually make excuses.


So, my number one excuse this past week has been that I’m not getting enough sleep (again), due to the fact that I’ve taken too many books out of the library, and now they’re all due.  I’m not kidding…and yes, I am a huge nerd.  I don’t want to take these books back to the library before I read them as then I’ll have to wait months before I can take them out again.  So, I stayed up until 1am a few nights last week finishing books.

drowning in books

So, I read four books this past week.  I think I’ll finish the rest in plenty of time.  No more late nights for me.  Hopefully I won’t be walking around like a zombie this week.  And maybe I’ll be more productive this week than I was last week.


7 thoughts on “Being Productive

  1. I am deffo a procrastinator when I have to do something I have 0 passion for! An example of this is the essay I just finished which could’ve been done days ago. Oops xx

    • I liked your post and agree with it. I work out at home myself simply to avoid people I know at the gym. I just want to get the whole thing over with the least amount of distractions as possible! 🙂

  2. Can you renew you library books?

  3. I too have difficulties with procrastination. I recently did a post about it too!

  4. that was hilarious
    thanks so much for the uplift!

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