Stacking Wood



We took down three of our big trees two weeks ago.  My daughter and I spent a week clearing up the debris from this activity.  Now, it’s time to stack the wood that my son has been splitting.

So, on Wednesday I spent four hours lifting and stacking wood.  This was insane and unsustainable – I’m not a young whippersnapper, even though I’d like to think so.  When I woke up on Thursday, I realized that I was acting like a short-distance sprinter, when I’m actually in a marathon.  This process is going to take about a week and a half, not a few days.


Who said stacking wasn’t an art? Wish I could figure out how to make this.

Well, what will I do?  After all, I had two truck-loads to unload on Wednesday.  How will I keep up?  Today when I stack the wood, I’m doing it with help.  Instead of working by myself all day, I’ll be waiting for my daughter to help – after all, the dishes still need to be washed, the toilets cleaned and the bills paid.  Unfortunately the maid hasn’t been seen for days.  (Oh, reminder, I’m the maid!)  The other changes I’ll be making is that every morning when I’d be working out, I will instead be stacking wood.  This fresh-cut wood is excessively heavy, and is a great work-out, as my sore muscles can attest, and if you’re worried about my cardio, I’ll still be walking the dogs.


Wish I could do this

So, wood marathon, here I come!


One thought on “Stacking Wood

  1. The wood stack art is brilliant

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