War on Women Part 4D – Violence – Social Issues Series



This is my last and final section in my War on Women articles.  In this section I’ll be talking about various means of violence done to women.  To make my own life easier, I’m going to be focusing on the U.S., as I’ve done from the beginning of this series.  I recommend that you go out there and inform yourself about the abuses that women all over the world face on a daily basis.  From rape to harassment on the street, women are under siege.  When a society has a statistical result that includes a woman being assaulted every 9 seconds, there is something wrong, and that something is not women and how they act, that something is the way women are regarded, treated and personified.  http://www.ncadv.org/learn/statistics

In the U.S. we have reduced women to body parts.  https://storify.com/bvalderrama/how-woman-are-portrayed-in-the-media

This has led to the all-encompassing question regardless of what a woman has accomplished: “Well, that’s great, but what does she look like?”  These attitudes have led to the statistics stated above – every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted.  When you make another person an “other”, you also open the door to treatment which is immoral.  As an extreme example you can look up the de-humanization of the Jewish peoples by the Nazi’s in Germany.  If you think this is too extreme as a comparison, have you looked at advertisements and commercials lately?  Reducing humans to body parts is de-humanizing.  Not only do we see this on t.v., in movies, etc., but it is also “taught” in churches – where a man is told to “control” and “force” his wife and daughters to “obey” him by using fear and dread.  http://www.alternet.org/sex-amp-relationships/christian-marriage-adviser-use-fear-and-dread-control-your-wife-god-intended


These movements rely on the ability of the husband to “control” his wife and children, specifically the female children.


Then, there is the other part of the war on women which is one of the more despicable ones.  The movement, which to be fair, has been on-going for a long period of time.  Whatever happens to a woman, it must be her fault – be it rape, domestic violence, or street harassment gone violent.  From telling a woman that her actions caused her rape, to refusing to even send in rape kits to be tested, once a woman is violated, it seems that this violation continues from taking her statements, taking evidence for the rape kit, and then refusing to test those rape kits.




Included in this, are the instances of when a woman refuses to respond to a man’s harassment, and then that woman is either “simply” attacked, or she is both attacked and murdered.  This discussion should also include stalking and cyber-bullying, these are both acts of violence toward women.





You can continue this discussion by reading the following links to chapters from the book Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in Americas School’s by Jesse Klein.




In the future I will be addressing the issue of sex trafficking.  Although this issue is indeed part of the War on Women, it also includes boys and children, and I feel that it deserves its own article.

So, do you indeed feel that there is a War on Women?  Have the links that I’ve provided during this series been informative and interesting?  Let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “War on Women Part 4D – Violence – Social Issues Series

  1. Great post. We really are still a long way from equality for women. I think the world is going backwards.

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