Happy Earth Day, everyday

Monkey Toes and Flying Avocados

WARNING!  So I am climbing up on my soapbox today.  I always try to be as upbeat and positive as I can with most of my blog posts.  I feel like my blog is my creative way to express myself and the things that are truly important to me.  Being vegan, (there I said it and I managed to get to the 4th sentence before mentioning it) I feel like I try to be as in tune as possible with animals, my health and our environment.  A lot of my post convey this.  But this post may seem a little “in your face” but that is only because I am super passionate about the topic.  I am by know means against things like Earth Day but I don’t like it when people are hypocrites and/or oblivious to things around them.  And I think a lot of the issues stem from…

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