Happiness This Week



This was a busy week.  We took down a couple of trees on Sunday, and have spent the rest of the week cleaning up brush.  My son will be splitting it and my daughter and I will be stacking.  Since we’ve just cut it down, the wood won’t be used this coming winter, but next winter.  A friend of ours will be leaving us some wood to process for this winter.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get it all done before the weather gets too hot.


Since we took the trees down, my willow tree should be getting both more sun and more of the ground water.  The poor thing was overshadowed by a large tree.  We are rapidly getting to the point where we’ve cut down all the trees that need cutting.  Of course I say that every year, and my husband manages to say more trees need to come down.  Thankfully we’ve got a wooded lot right next to us, and across the street.  They’re both owned by an environmentalist so I know he’s not planning on selling anytime soon.  It’s nice to have some wildness around.


We’ve had great weather all week, and I’ve managed to go for a long walk with my dog most days.  We are lucky since there is a mini-farm; a horse-riding place; and we often see wild turkeys.  The male turkeys have been displaying to the totally uninterested female turkeys.  It pretty funny – they get all puffed up and chase after the females, who look so disgusted.  There is always so much to see.

I’ve gotten my Spring Cleaning plan in place and have actually found some time to get started – in a small way.  I also managed to clean out two cupboards in my basement and reorganized them at the same time!  Baby steps, but steps nevertheless.


And, I’ve written another chapter in my children’s book.  Now I’ve got to get it printed out and work on the illustrations.  I hope my friend likes it once it’s done.  So I guess I did get a few things done this week.  How has your week gone?



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