Oh No! It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

minions spring cleaning

I don’t know about you, but the idea of spring cleaning has me running for the hills.  It could be that my dogs put nose-prints all over my downstairs windows or that since I live in a log cabin and heat with wood stoves the logs get dusty over the course of the winter (and yes, I do vacuum them).  Or, and this is a big or, every spring I try to do a clean-out of all that “stuff” that I have just hanging around my house.


I really like the idea of minimalism, it sounds so good; however I can’t quite get there.  As an example, I managed last spring to contain all my kids’ school projects into one shirt box.  It was hard, but I managed it.  I do have several of their projects framed and hung on my walls, but consolidating the boxes of art-work and reports into one box?  Talk about emotional.  What made it easier was that neither of them could understand why I was hording it.  It all just meant so little to them.  And again, last fall I went through my closet and gave away bags of clothes to Good-Will.  Some of them were from my office work days and even if I do lose all the weight I want to, my hips will just never be as small as they were pre-childbirth.  That was a challenge.  I had looked so good in my work clothes.  Notice the word “had”.


This spring my main challenge is a corner in my bedroom that’s become the place to pile “things” that I don’t know what to do.  Apparently I expect myself to make some kinds of decisions.  How horrifying is that?  I still have no idea what I’ll do with it.  My house has very little in the way of closets and cupboards.  And certainly no place to just put “stuff” in.


What are your priorities for Spring Cleaning?  Are you going to spring clean?  When my kids were young there were a few years that I “missed” the usual cleaning time.  Instead I tried to do one room a week.  That actually worked out fairly well.  How do you decide to give things the old heave ho?  Has anyone tried minimalism, and did it work out for you?  Let me know.


10 thoughts on “Oh No! It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

  1. Try doing a little bit each day and eliminate Spring cleaning altogether! If your deep cleaning is done gradually over time, this is possible. (I recommend the Flylady.org method!)

  2. Well, it isn’t EXACTLY minimalist but Marie Kondo (KonMari method) says you should surround yourself with only those items that give you joy. Get rid of everything else and then put the stuff you keep away.

    • I’ve read her book. I liked it, however when you live with other people it can be hard to follow her process. Great ideas though!

      • You are supposed to JUST do your stuff. When I began this process that’s what I did and then my husband got fully on board. I’ve heard others say that once they started others jumped in too. Even if other people don’t do it exactly the KonMari way, at least they are doing something (anything helps, right?).

      • That sounds like your hubby is helpful. Mine was just looking for more of my stuff to throw away – books! – so I ended up just doing my own stuff and some household stuff. Not that I did it all, there is always more to get rid of. I swear, I don’t know how it acquires – maybe they have babies? 🙂

      • Yes, I think you’re right! Books and hangers!!

  3. We have a big shed and we started to spring clean that a couple of weeks ago. It’s still a work in progress.

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