My Mini-vacation!

 cape-cod Sm

 Last week my daughter and I were lucky enough to visit my husband at his job-site in Hyannis on Cape Cod.  This wasn’t a first visit to the Cape, however, we hadn’t been there in many years.  We drove there on Tuesday afternoon and arrived shortly before dinner-time.  After going to a wonderful Mexican restaurant that we had no problems with when we ordered meals sans cheese, sour cream and meat we went to bed and woke up a sunny day Wednesday morning.



Since I am an absolute beast if I don’t eat in the morning,  we had some bananas and oranges and then went for a hike at the Massachusetts Audubon Long Pasture Sanctuary located in Hyannis.  We hiked most of the trails, and it was like being in the middle of nowhere.  Even though there were indeed houses close by in some areas, because of the trees and undergrowth we felt like we were the only people in the world.  And, we got to walk along the beach and see the ocean.  Heavenly!


After a quick change at the hotel, we then proceeded to Green Lotus Café in Hyannis for a much-needed lunch.  We had sandwiches, I had the E(eggplant)LT and my daughter had the Sandwich in the RAW, which were both vegan and delicious, along with a peanut-butter and chocolate smoothie that we shared.


We then went to Provincetown, which although it was nice,it was also somewhat of a disappointment since most of the stores were closed.  One in particular which was open was Monty’s.  I bought a wine glass for my son’s girlfriend who was taking care of the animals for us.  If you find yourself in Provincetown, make sure you check out Monty’s, since they’ve got a little bit of everything.  I could have left with a huge shopping bag just stuffed with wonderful things, but my head prevailed!


After that we went to the National Seashore and hiked along the bike trail there which was built in the dunes back in the 1960’s.  It was just gorgeous, and a great ending to our day in Provincetown.


Thursday began with lots of wind and some rain, so we skipped the hiking and went to the Cape Cod Mall where we visited the books at Barnes and Noble.  We sipped our veganized Starbucks coffee, looked at all the books and did indeed buy some.  My daughter found herself a new shirt at one of the many stores, and we had lunch with my husband at the food court.  Afterward we went back to the hotel and read until dinnertime.  Not an exciting day, but the rain was pretty relentless.


Then, we drove home on Friday.  It was a wonderful little mini-vacation that we needed.  My husband is trying to get us to go back, but I’ve got my coaching course and my daughter starts up with her college classes again this week.  It was a great time, and I feel that we did a lot in just a few days.  My favorite?  The hiking.  I love spending time with nature.  There is nothing like it!


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