We all do it.  We wait for events with anticipation, excitement, and delight.  This week has been a series of waiting.  On Thursday one of the little girls my daughter babysits for was in a musical at her school.  After months of hearing all about the work and dedication that has gone into this production, my daughter and I finally got to see it.  What a wonderful experience.  I’ve always loved school performances and this one was right up there with the best.


Then, tonight we will be attending a performance by the Moscow Festival Ballet of Swan Lake.  How exciting is that?  Every year for my birthday I pick two special performances to go to, and this is the second one.  I am so excited.  I love the ballet.


What do you anticipate?  Isn’t waiting for something good to happen part of the excitement of it actually happening?


3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Great post for the start of the month. I hope you have a wonderful birthday seeing Swan Lake! At the moment I’m anticipating getting my thesis finished and starting an (as yet un-found) new job.

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