Early to Rise



I’ve been getting up at 4:40 am every morning Monday through Friday for the last few weeks.  At first it was easy, since the sun was also a hint in the sky.  But, since our dreaded “spring ahead” last Sunday, getting up so early has been a difficulty.


Now, I’m taking my dogs out in the dark, and it actually feels like it’s the middle of the night instead of early in the morning.  This feeling is going to last a few weeks before the sun finally catches up with the time change.  I can’t wait for that to happen since the dark sky makes me feel like climbing back into bed and pulling the covers over my head!  So, in an effort to help motivate myself, I thought that I’d share some motivations with you, too.




2 thoughts on “Early to Rise

  1. I struggle getting out of bed at 7.30! I’m just not a morning person.

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