Update and Motivation


I haven’t updated my exercise and eating information for a while now.  So, I thought that I’d rectify that with this post.  I’m back to working out on a regular basis.  I’m still fighting myself over it – the complaints that work their way through my head at 4:40 a.m. are simply amazing!  But, I’ve been getting up anyway.  As I wrote on Friday, I’ve discovered Fitness Blender and I love all the workouts that I’ve tried so far.  Also, the boredom factor hasn’t set in, since they’ve got such a variety of videos.


My diet is still Vegan.  I’m working on feeling okay about eating carbs.  I mostly eat a salad and a baked potato for lunch.  Although left-overs are a great change.  Carbs are fine, as long as you don’t “load” them up with all the nasty stuff.  I try to keep my intake of “prepared” food to a minimum.  Although I will have a Gardein product at least once a week, I do try to make most of my meals from “scratch”.


I stopped writing down my goals for a while, and that most definitely did not work out well.  So, I’ve started again, and please, if you have goals write them down and write out steps toward attaining them!


So, that’s my update.  Still trying, still working.  Have a Happy Monday!




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