Finding Happiness in Everyday Life


So much of our lives is spent on auto-pilot. Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, make dinner and go to bed. Weekends can be spent doing all the things that we didn’t get done during the week – errands, cleaning, etc.


On Sunday, after a lousy night’s sleep, and a cranky morning, I went for a hike in a lovely park. What a difference it made. My perspective changed, and even though I had to go home to cooking and laundry I looked at those mundane activities with new eyes. Because I had done something that made me happy for a little while, I was ready to tackle those mundane tasks with a little grace.


I hope that you had a weekend where you were lucky enough to do something that brought  some happiness into your life.


2 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in Everyday Life

  1. I love the images and quotes you use in your posts. They are so colourful and inspiring.

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