Women and Voting


This election season has been a strange time. Gloria Steinman and Madeleine Albright are so busy supporting Hillary Clinton that they’ve decided that all woman must support her also. Because, well you know, she’s a woman! Never you mind if you don’t like some of the things that she’s done or said, or who she appears to be “in bed” with. You don’t like the fact that she’s supported by Wall Street? That she’s taken tons of money from them? That’s okay…she’s a woman, and as a woman, it’s your duty to support her! And, if you don’t, you are turning your back on women…all of women-kind. After all, what did we get the vote for, if not to simply support other women; your own opinions and beliefs be damned!  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gloria-steinem-bernie-sanders_us_56b63c95e4b04f9b57d9d69a



Do I sound a little upset? Yes. Just because some women feel that Hillary is not in their corner; is not going to support health care for all; equality for all; reigning in the huge banks; taxing the super-rich; they are just supposed to forget all they know of Hillary and support her anyway. And, if they don’t they should be prepared to be lectured to, told how they’re only supporting Bernie because the boys are; and, to top it off, to not support Hillary is to be anti-feminist.


I thought that the definition of feminism was “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.” http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/feminism

Nowhere in that definition does it say that we are obligated to support any female candidate simply because she’s a woman (in that case, where is the obligation to support Carly Fiornia?); or for that matter any woman simply because she’s a woman. As women do we not have the right to weigh our own options and decide for ourselves? Is that not what the Suffragettes were fighting for? The ability to decide our own fates?

suff quote

I have always admired Gloria Steinman and Madeleine Albright. They are incredibly intelligent women who have worked for equality in our culture. However, I do not believe that gives them the right to lecture and rebuke other women for choosing a candidate that speaks to their beliefs and hopes and dreams for this country and themselves. What do you think?


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