Cabin Fever

cabin fever

This time of year it can be rather difficult to get outside and enjoy nature. Usually it’s mostly cold, windy and snowy in New England. However, this year it’s been unseasonably warm for most of the winter. We have had some lovely snow storms recently that have left the world looking like a winter wonderland, but mostly I’ve been able to go outside and take my dogs for walks. It’s been great and I haven’t suffered much in the way of sun deprivation.

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I’ve found that getting outside and enjoying a walk helps with my feelings of cabin fever. By February I’m usually ready to run away from home as fast as my little feet will carry me. Last year was particularly bad with all the snow storms that we suffered. But this year? It’s been great – only a few storms and those were short with the snow melted away fairly quickly; until the end of last week, and now this week.  We keep getting snow day after day.  So far this week I’ve been able to go for a walk, but now I’m feeling the cabin fever.  How have you been coping with the dreaded cabin fever?



2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I am starting with cabin fever too. It’s been a very, very wet, windy and stormy winter in the UK. Really not the weather for being outdoors. I started a new job in January. It’s almost impossible to get a proper lunch break. My office has no windows. I can really feel my body re-acting. Last year, I found out I had a Vitamin D deficiency. Hoping to get outside this weekend. Love the bottom picture!

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