Dwelling on Good Thoughts


 Like most people I remember the nasty comments while forgetting the nice comments. There is actually a reason for that, part of our survival was key to remembering and learning from bad experiences. Of course you’re not going to forget that a stove-top is hot after you’ve burned your hand.


Can you learn to put more of an emphasis on the positive? Well, as I’ve said before, journaling is a great way to process events, but it’s also a great way to remember the positive comments and events in your life. Some people use Gratitude Journals for this, also. Are you afraid that thinking about the positive will lead you into becoming a Pollyanna? Well, I never had much of an issue with Pollyanna, oh yes, at times she could be a little much, however, wasn’t her way of thinking much better than being a “negative Nancy”? If I really have to choose between the two, I’d much prefer being more like Pollyanna – rest assured, my sarcasm will always save me from being too Pollyanna-ish.  And, of course I have to work on this…only last week I was busy having a little pity-party – guests attending, one.  But I soon realized that since I was sick, this pity-party was simply making me feel even sicker.  I’ve got to tell you, I’d rather be in the forest searching for unicorns than in the house crying because sometimes life sucks.  How about you?






One thought on “Dwelling on Good Thoughts

  1. Good post. I love with Emerson quote.

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