Australia Day – Thoughts and Comments


January 26th is known “down under” as Australia Day. I have no problems with that, after all July 4th here is a crazy day of American self-love. However, I do have some problems with the promotion of Australia Day.

I’m sure that you’ve probably heard of the ad that is showing called “Commence Operation Boomerang.

This ad is deservedly getting its fair share of grief. First of all, the Indigenous Peoples of Australia are not happy, since Australia Day is actually the celebration of the invasion of their land – much the same problem happens here on Columbus Day (deservedly, also).  The second serious outrage is the from the vegan community. In the ad, a vegan Australian gets his apartment (and apparently himself) fire-blasted for simply being vegan. Is this is how Australia feels it should treat its vegan citizens? This is actually inciting violence against vegans. Below is an analysis of the ad by That Vegan Couple. Should you watch it, I need to let you know that there are a few images which if you are a dedicated meat eater may leave you feeling a little uncomfortable. However, truth is the truth, whether we like it or not.

There is a further segment included in this video of a Today show interview where one of the Australia Day promoters makes this statement “And lovely blasting of a vegan or two.” While the reply to this is “Ah, they’ve been our number one enemy from day one.”

This comment opens up even more commentary. Fire blasting a person, whom you don’t agree with, is now a viable response to that disagreement. Is this not fomenting violence against this group you disagree with? Is this not the definition of terrorism? (“the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”).  Now, I know that some people don’t like vegans (I’d actually have to live with my head in the sand to miss that – since I’m vegan, and have suffered more then my fair share of hate – both in person, and in cyber space).  However, the level of physical abuse being promoted in the ad is way past the bounds of human decency.

Here are some additional articles regarding this ad. Please look at them, and what do you think of both the ad, and the points that are being made?  Do you think that the ad should be taken as funny and if so, would be also be funny if you substituted vegan for LGBT, or black, or any other minority?  Let me know what you think.



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