I Finally Went to the Doctor


After two weeks of being sick, I finally finally finally gave up the ghost and went to the doctor. Whatever could I be sick of? Well, it turns out that my simple sinus infection decided to morph into walking pneumonia without asking me what I thought of that idea. It was pretty rude, and I am not happy. When the doctor asked me what I had been doing to help myself, she was not too impressed when I told her I’d been spending a lot of time lying on my bed practicing my Yoga breaths while chanting “health in, sickness out” in my mind, each time I breathed in and out, respectively. And, I must say on a side note, that even though this did not cure my illness, it certainly helped with my horrible asthma – I have not had to use my one remaining emergency inhaler. I’m now taking medication for the infection, and I was able to talk her into giving me some cough syrup for night-time – the doctors seem to think that you can somehow magically sleep through all the extreme coughing.


I’ll be spending the weekend trying to get well, drinking tea and water and still lying on my bed breathing those wonderful Yoga breaths – learning to breathe properly is the best gift I’ve ever given myself.


Learn from me, if you are sick, go to the doctor – if I’d gone sooner, maybe I wouldn’t be as sick as I am right now. Trying to always save money sometimes ends up costing more in the end. Stay healthy!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Went to the Doctor

  1. Very wise..I totally get it just wish my hubby & dad would! Men smh!

  2. Like you I hesitate going to see a doctor but sometimes in the end you simply have to. I hope you feel better soon. By the Way, great blog! Very positive.

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