How Full Is Your Glass?



This actually is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. Like most people I try to have a positive outlook on life; and I do have a tendency to look out the window watching for those unicorns I’m still convinced I will one day see. However, as life does, curves are thrown and the wind sometimes knocks me off my feet. I’ve been having a difficult time with both my health and finances lately, and I’ve found myself feeling pretty down in the dumps. However, I’ve done a few things to make myself feel a little better, and I’m trying to get a handle on my finances, so I have to say that I’m feeling a little better.


How do you handle those times when there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and your plans have been ripped to shreds? Are you able to come up with a Plan B, or do you wallow? I have been having a little wallow – the weekend was not filled with exemplary behavior on my part. Yes, I may have been just a tiny bit bitter about life, but it actually did no good. There was no good fairy to come and wave a magic wand giving me my health or a fortune. It finally occurred to me that I have to step up and just either get better myself, or go to the doctor. I’m still trying my way, since I don’t want to have to pay the co-pay at the doctor’s office – finances are a bit strained at this point. But, I have decided that if I don’t feel any better by Wednesday I will bite the bullet and see the doctor. As far as finances, I’ve made some phone calls, and hopefully can deal with those bills, also.


I’d love for you to share any advice you may have. It’s good to know that there are other people out there who are having similar difficulties.


One thought on “How Full Is Your Glass?

  1. Sounds like you are working hard to maintain some balance in your life. Really like the glass full quite.

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