Every Morning is a New Beginning



I wanted to talk about something that I find annoying. At the beginning of the year, there is so much pressure. One school of thought goes like this…Whatever it is that you’re doing on the first day of the New Year, is what you’re going to be doing for the rest of the year. Or, what you do on the first Monday of the New Year is how the rest of the year will go. Talk about pressure! Who needs that?


My thought is that, every new morning is a new beginning. As an example, I got The Taken King (an add on for the Xbox game Destiny), for Christmas this year. My daughter got the new Tomb Raider game. So, on Christmas she played her game, and I actually waited about a week to download mine. However, since I’ve downloaded it, I’ve been playing it like a possessed person. All weekend I got my chores done and then glued myself to my Xbox. In fact, I’m closing in on Level 40 rather quickly.

 every day 1

Now, if I wanted too, I could make myself feel truly bad, and say that this is the way I’ll be spending the entire year. But no, I know that I won’t. How do I know? Easy…I’ve gone down this path before, and I realize that just because I’m obsessing right now does not mean I will be in two days. For one thing, it was the weekend. For another thing, this is something that I rarely do. I’m usually on target with my to-do list; and don’t deviate from that very often. So, instead of making myself feel badly about something different that I’m enjoying very much, I’m just going to let it go. After all, every morning is a new beginning. There are 365 new beginnings every year. How about that?


One thought on “Every Morning is a New Beginning

  1. Nice one. There is a lot of pressure at the beginning of the new year. Enjoy your chill out time.

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