2016 Goals



Happy New Year and Happy New Resolutions! Right? No? Well, I thought that I’d at least list my goals for the New Year. I think that it’s good to be accountable to someone other than myself, since it’s so easy to tell myself I’m working toward my goals as I sit in front of Netflix zoning out on Supernatural.



This year I’m planning on following a schedule, which will include: working out, writing, setting up websites, getting better at cooking vegan, and finishing all my coaching certificates so I can begin coaching. Along with: making curtains, quilts and other crafts; keeping up with my organization skills; and working on meditation for my own peace of mind.


There, that should be easy. Actually, I’ll be breaking each goal into steps to make the whole thing attainable. After all, I do have an entire 12 months! What goals have you set for the New Year? Share if you like, and I’ll give you updates as the months go by on my achievements.



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