Self Reflection


I’ve been thinking about whether or not I act the way I believe. I don’t intend harm to anyone, but do I actually live life that way? Personally I think that it’s a good thing to wonder about the way that you live your life. Reflection can be important. Checking on how you are living as compared with your beliefs is always a good thing to do, and maybe as the year comes to a close, reflection on your actions as opposed to your beliefs should be undertaken.


I googled ethical living and got a lot of hits. The subjects varied from environmental, to food, to treating other people with respect. In the end, I feel that your behavior has to do with living your beliefs. If you are religious, then you should live your religion. So, if you’re Christian, live the golden rule – “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Simple. Did you do that this year? Did you help others in need? Did you offer food and drink? Did you offer to help refugees, the poor, the needy? If so, good for you! Your end-of-year reflections should make you feel good. If not, why not?


Thinking about our actions should be a daily activity. Was I mean or short with someone who had asked for my help? Is that the way that I would want to be treated? If we’re aware of our actions, we can change them. If we don’t reflect, we remain unchanged. How can we grow for the better if we don’t acknowledge that we need to improve?


I would love to report that I’m living my beliefs. That I’m always helpful and kind. Sure, and pigs can fly; unicorns live in my back yard; and my front yard has a money tree growing in it. Of course not! Is there much room for improvement? Yes! And a resounding yes this is! I am not as kind or loving as I could be. My patience can be short. But by reflecting on my own behavior (as opposed to thinking about someone else’s behavior) I give myself the opportunity to change. How often do you reflect on your behavior, and does it help you to become the person you would like to be?


2 thoughts on “Self Reflection

  1. Taking time out to reflect is so important. Thanks for the reminder.

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