Since the climate and science have been in the news lately, I thought that I’d just share some quotes that I believe we need to spend some time thinking about, and finding solutions for in our own lives.


Somehow we’ve come to believe that nature is opposite of human-kind. That we can destroy and use nature to our own content and that our actions will never impact ourselves. How did we get to such disconnect? Why have we gotten to this point where we see ourselves as above nature? We must live in nature, so of course we are connected.


As Hubert Reeves says, if we win this war, we really lose. Is this what we want? There are a number of things that I seriously do not understand about the world. This destruction of the earth and all her creations is the number one thing I don’t understand. Why are we doing this, and why are we allowing others to do so in our name?


There are changes that we can make in our own lives that do make a difference. If you don’t recycle, do so. Change your diet. Become vegan – it is the diet with the least amount of environmental impact. If you can, walk to the store, and if not, do more than one chore at a time. Be conscious of your decisions. The earth is not ours to ruin; it belongs to all.


One thought on “Quotes

  1. I like the Hubert Reeves quote. The horrendous flooding in some parts of the UK really highlight that climate chang is here and it’s going to affect all of us.

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