Being Sick Stinks!


I’ve been sick on and off for more than two weeks. I’ll start to get over it, and then it comes back worse than ever. This time I’m fighting a fever along with coughing my head off. I’m really tired of it, and am actually considering going to the doctor at some point. Considering, not committed. I really think it’s caused by our lovely up and down weather here in southern New England, which means that it’s entirely sinus related, and there is really nothing the doctor can do (which is why I haven’t gone).


I actually took a nap for an hour or so this afternoon and am hoping that this will help. Right now I feel as weak as a kitten. I’ve been drinking so much tea and water that I’m turning entirely into liquid. I hope that no one else is spending their time being sick. But, if so, what do you do to feel better?


5 thoughts on “Being Sick Stinks!

  1. I have no idea what the thing at the top is but it’s great!

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