The Pleasures of Eavesdropping

droppin eaves

I am, admittedly, the absolute nosiest person you could ever met. I’m so interested in anything and everything, it’s almost impossible for me to ever be bored. When I’m in public, say at the grocery store, or the mall, my ears are always flapping. Seriously. I want to know what that person over there is talking about. Or, why that other person is walking along talking to themselves. I have the overwhelming need to know everything, right now!


Luckily I am also very easy to overlook. I can fade into the background, get just close enough to listen, and usually no one notices me. I’m the person you need to be re-introduced to every time we meet. Seriously, no one remembers me. While that can be an annoyance, there are definitely times when it can be a blessing. Like when you want to eavesdrop. If I used my knowledge attained by my eavesdropping for evil, it would be a problem, and I’d probably be a sociopath. However, since I usually don’t know the people, and I pretty much keep everything to myself, I see no reason to stop. Also, I use everything in my writing – either as ideas or characters. Everything is fodder for the cannon of creating.


Have I “gotten in trouble” due to my eavesdropping? Actually, the answer would have to be a resounding no. See, I really am a nondescript person. Do you eavesdrop? If so, has it lead to any negative consequences? Let me know, since I can’t be the only one with this habit.


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