In many ways our lives don’t really allow any kind of contemplation. Too often we operate on “top speed”. I find myself so engrossed in crossing off my “to do” list that I miss any opportunity to simply contemplate what is going on around me; or even my own life.


This can be such a detriment to our own mental health. We really need to take a step back and breathe. If we don’t know our own minds, how can we function in a meaningful way in society?


Living a life that reflects how you believe requires contemplation. We need to understand that our actions are what reflects who we are. We should try to make our actions become more meaningful and reflective of who we want to be. I know that when I’m so busy crossing off my list of “things” I’m not showing the world who I really want to be. Take the weekend to contemplate who you really want to be, and how you can reflect it into the world. Let’s make the world better simply by being in it.



One thought on “Contemplation

  1. I really like the idea that we can make the world better simply by being in it.

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