We’re all the Same

What happened in Paris was horrible and my heart bleeds for all those who were impacted.  But I feel that I must ask the question, “Why do we allow ourselves to be brain-washed that we are all different?”  Why do so many religions, and political groups dwell on the differences between us, and not on the massive amounts of how we are the same?  The amazing thing is that we’re all much more alike than we are different.  We all need love, understanding and compassion.  We do not need to be considered as “different” or “separate” from each other.  To separate means to have power over us, as a nation divided will fall, so too will a world.

The devils are of our own making.  Every difference we claim to see is really a devil in disguise.  When you only see others through the lens of different, you are making a devil of another.  And, they do the same to you.  Love is love; and it is the strongest force in the world.  Nurture it within yourself and sprinkle it on others.  It will grow.

What would we all be like if we could surprise ourselves with compassion and understanding?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out?

I’m going to try in just my everyday life to show others compassion and love.  Will it help?  I hope so, but I do know that it will help me, and in the end, we can only start with ourselves and those around us.


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