Is Homeopathy Fake?

As someone who uses certain homeopathic medicines on an “as needed” basis; mostly for my allergies, I have been pretty interested in this debate. I know that the FDA has been really interested in shutting down the homeopathic and entire alternative medicine establishment for quite a while now. There have also been plenty of articles stating that homeopathy is fake, and doesn’t work. One of the most bandied about articles can be found here
What I found interesting about this article is that it was not based on any particular study, instead it was based on “data based study”. Instead of conducting an actual study, the scientists simply looked at the data from other studies. There is a letter to the editor explaining the problems with conducting a “study” in such a way here

Further research into this “debunking” of homeopathic medicine led me to another article on AlterNet
This article leads us to Yvette d’Entremont who has been making a name for herself as “SciBabe”. Of course, she was affiliated with a chemical company, but was fired for her extreme views which the company (Amvac) did not want to be part of.

Now, the FDA has also been trying for some time to force the disuse of homeopathy. I always find anything that anything the FDA does to be a source of much amusement simply due to the fact that the FDA is full of “professionals” from the Pharmaceutical companies. This is why the FDA is against any kind of alternative medicine. If consumers buy anything that is not a prescription then the pharmaceutical companies lose out. Of course they wouldn’t want that to happen. Here are some articles regarding these facts.
Now in the interests of the truth, it only took me about three minutes to find all these articles and there were many others that stated the same information.

My question to you is, do you really think that the FDA has your best interests at heart, or that the pharmaceutical companies are the important interests here? As the old adage says, follow the money.

As for me, I’ll keep on taking my homeopathic remedies for as long as I can. I’ve found that they work pretty well, and I enjoy the fact that so far, I’ve found no side-effects at all. Have you ever listened to the side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals? How about “sudden death” as a side effect. Seems to me that death would be more than a side effect.
What you do think of this controversy?


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