Treading Water

For a while now I’ve been treading water. I was actually going down, but now I’m just staying in place and not getting anywhere. I could list all kinds of “reasons” for this behavior, but believe me when I say that they’re not reasons at all, only excuses!

To be truthful, other peoples’ stresses and bad life choices have impacted my own life, increasing the stress I deal with every day. However, that should never be used as an excuse. After all, I really can’t do anything to change their problems…only offer support when asked; unfortunately their problems extremely bad, and only they and other qualified people can do anything about them.

So, I’ve decided that I can no longer let such things impact my life on such a profound basis. I can’t do anything about these problems and worrying about it and letting it impact my life isn’t going to make a difference. How am I going to stop this downward spiral? I’ve written out a plan, set my goals and now have steps to take every day. How do you get yourself back on track after being derailed? Maybe you’ve got great ideas that will help the rest of us stay on track!


One thought on “Treading Water

  1. I really like the quote. The answer for me is kind of in the quote. Swim – for real and metaphorically. Learning to look after yourself and feeling good about the time you spend looking after yourself is really important. It can be simple things that help you feel relaxed, change your perspective, re-charge your energy levels. When you start to do some of these things, other things seem to come from it that help you recover. Swimming is one of these things for me!

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