Five Things I Loved About This Week

Since I’ve been feeling a little down, I thought that I’d end the week on a happy note and list all the things that were great.

1. Spreading Veganism 

I met a man at BJ’s this week who was working at one of those stations where you get to sample food. When he asked me if I’d like a sample, I said sure, if it’s Vegan. Well, he actually had a Vegan option, I loved it -Potato and Onion Pirogi’s- what’s not to love? As I was eating my sample, he told me that he’s given up milk and cheese, “because people shouldn’t drink another animal’s milk.” I was so happy that I asked him if I could give him a hug; which I did! He told me that he still eats meat, but only a little, and he’s thinking of giving it up completely. He’s worried about his health, and as he’s getting older thinks he should take better care of what he puts in his body. Happy happy happy!

2.  Spreading Veganism

I’m back to taking my late morning walks! Yes, yes, yes! I can’t believe how much I missed it. The crisp fall air, the dodging of the falling acorns and back walnuts – how I missed them all. I’m not quite up to the usual length, but I am getting there. Yay me!

3. Unexpected Surprises 

I’ve discovered that Classico Jars are actually Mason jars. Did you know this? While I was washing a jar, the label came off, and there it was – a Mason jar! I’m now using them for food storage. Less recycling in my bin, and I’ve gotten rid of almost all of my plastic food storage.

4. Books

Bookstores are awesome. I went to the Mall with my daughter on Wednesday (not my favorite thing to do), but I got to spend about an hour visiting the books. So many books, so little time!

5. First Fires of the Season

Fires are great. This being New England, we’ve had nights down to 28° and needed a fire. How cozy and warm. I had forgotten how happy looking at the flames could make me. Also, after one too many cool nights, how nice it is to be warm.

So, there’s my list. The five things that I loved about this week. Hope you had many things that you loved about this week.


2 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved About This Week

  1. Nice list! Recycling, books… 🙂

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