Changing My Goals

I talked about my toe injury on Wednesday, and now I have to admit that my thoughts of getting back into my usual routine by Monday are just not going to happen. I’m pretty sure that the toenail is going away, and that it’ll be a while before I can get back to normal. So, what to do? I’ve decided to embrace a more expansive Yoga practice and maybe even get out my old Pilates DVD.

I’ve found myself becoming lazier as the week has gone on, and yesterday realized that I’m going to lose all the gains I’ve made if I don’t do something. My motivation has gone out the window; and I really haven’t gotten anything done this week. The sad thing is that I haven’t even taken care of my injured toe, either. Tuesday night was the first time since Saturday that I even soaked my foot. I think I was under the impression if I ignored it, the problem would miraculously go away. As this is my usual way of dealing with anything about myself, I realized it was stupid and decided to go back to doing what I can to help the situation.

So, I’ll let you know if I can even do an expanded Yoga workout. I haven’t done Pilates in years, but hope it will be beneficial. Injuries suck!


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