Last Friday night I fell over like a domino – I went from a standing position straight down to a lying position, right onto my face. Luckily I had bent my arms at the elbows and managed to not break my wrists or my nose. All in all, I was extremely lucky. No broken bones, no bruising on my face, or where it could easily be seen. However, I unfortunately did not come out of this unscathed. Of course my knees are black-and-blue, my right elbow scraped, but worst of all, my left big toe is swollen and black and blue. I’m not sure if I’ll lose the toe-nail or not. Oh, boo hoo for me, right? Well, that toe just happens to be where I’ve got some kind of nastiness going on with the other bones in my foot. The Podiatrist claimed he would have to break the bones, fuse them together and I’d never be able to bend that foot again. Ha, ha. That’s not happening…at some point I’ll get a second opinion.

I was thinking about all the ways we injure ourselves, and how it always seems like we manage to injure what is already injured. How many times have you done this? I do this often. Naturally I’m the least graceful person you can imagine; I bounce off the walls in my house, trip up the stairs on a regular basis, and have fallen more times than I can count. As a child no matter how much I rode my bike, I fell often and could trip myself by skipping down the road. I actually have a permanent lump at the end of my spine because I fell down the stairs so often as a child. Seriously, I was a poster child for scrapes and bruises. Luckily I’ve never broken a bone falling down – and that luck seems to have followed me into adult-hood.

Since I’ve got a foot that’s out of commission, my work-outs are not happening. I feel strange not getting up early. It’s like part of my day is missing, and my body feels odd. So, next Sunday I’m going to see if I can do something physical. Until then I’ll soak my foot, elevate it, and read my books. Sounds like heaven right? Not really. I feel like I’m being forced to take a break instead of just slacking off. Slacking off is just so much fun, and this isn’t fun at all. On a happy note, my library just re-opened (in a smaller space), and there are books to take out! Yay! So, I’ll let you know if I end up with one less toe-nail, and if my recovery takes more than a week.


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