Finding Unexpected Surprises

Yesterday I went through my desk. I have a beautiful roll-top desk in my bedroom that I mainly use to store my checkbooks in. There are a number of drawers, and since they were all filled to capacity I thought that I’d better see just what they contained. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had checkbook carbon-copies dating from 1995 continuing up to the present day. No wonder I had no room in there for anything else! So, I spent the entire day shredding all of them. I now only have the carbon-copies from 2015 in there, and have virtually three empty drawers.

Now, since I’m not really a pack-rat, but I do have a few things that I tend to be pack-ratty about, I luckily had two large empty cat food bags and one large empty dog food bag to put all my shredded papers in. Wasn’t it a lucky thing that I kept those bags? I just knew I’d find some use for them. I usually throw my excess recycling in them after I’ve filled up the wastepaper basket that holds the majority of it.

While I was ripping apart the desk, I also found a picture of my kids that I totally forgot about. They were dressed up for some Christmas play when they were little. I love the way they look. There is my daughter, less than thrilled to have her picture taken and her brother is looking at her trying not to laugh – typical.

So, even though I gave up a perfectly good Sunday to do some much needed, and much put off cleaning and organizing, it wasn’t a wasted day – I’ve got the picture to prove it!


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