Why Can’t I Hibernate?

I love fall. It’s unbelievably beautiful with the leaves changing colors, and the air so crisp. I also enjoy seeing the squirrels and chipmunks gathering in their nuts for their winter hibernation. The acorns and black walnuts have been falling at an almost alarming rate. My car has been dinged this year, and when I go for a walk, I can’t believe that I haven’t been dinged on the head. With the amount of nuts on the ground, the size of them, and how early they started to fall, I can only surmise that we’re going to have a doozy of a winter.

So, here is my question. Why can’t I hibernate, too? I want to. I want to just sleep, eat and drink tea and read books all winter. Because our library has closed for a month; only to re-open in a smaller space while renovations are occurring, I stocked up on a pile of books. I could just go and get a huge pile of books and happily hibernate for the winter. That sounds like heaven. I would be able to ignore all the bad news; all the negative people; and live in reader heaven. Yes, yes, bring on the hibernation!


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