Trying to Change

Change is extremely difficult. When you can’t really change the people you live with, or the circumstances of your home-life, change can really be hard. However, as I’ve been on this path for some time now, I’ve found that the only thing I can really change is myself.

I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up early and working-out. This works for me, and it’s a change that I’ve tried really hard to continue doing, however I must admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon at times. My diet is still another issue, as I must admit to having a potato chip addiction. There has been recent information that potato chips can cause cancer. See this lovely information here:
Of course, it figures that the only food that I binge on is bad for me. I guess I’ll just have to force myself to eat something that’s healthy instead. Although right now I’m still quite happy with a little serving of So Delicious ice cream with some So Delicious coco-whip. Sometimes it is good to be Vegan!

Change can be hard, it can hurt and it can make other people in your life angry. I’ve been working on how I react to stressful situations. I’ve found that Yoga is very helpful with this. Since I’m not reacting to others negative attitudes, I’ve found that they sometimes resent that they can’t get me stressed and upset like they did before. If they have a problem, I no longer make it my problem. I’ll give helpful advice, but I know I can’t fix something that’s their responsibility. As with any change, it’s been a series of ups and downs; but hopefully the ups will begin to outnumber the downs.

Have you been changing some things in your life, and how has it been going? Please share, as your stories may help someone else.


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