My Library

I don’t think that anyone else has the relationship that I’ve had with my library. If my library was a person, it would be closer than a husband to me, and just as important as my kids. My library is my place of sanctuary. When my children were little it was the place where they spent their summers. They were the only kids who would rather go to the library for “lunch and a story” than the lake. They were often the only children at most of the summer programs. I go to my library at least twice a week and often more than three times. It’s the most important place to me, other than my own house.

So, it is with great dread that I look into the future. Why you may ask? The answer is astonishingly awful. My lovely little library is closing for at least a year. They closed last Friday, after we were all allowed to take out almost as many books as we wanted. They will re-open in October in a smaller space, right across the street from the library, but this building is teeny, tiny, and tiniest. There will be fewer books! No tables or chairs. We won’t be able to “hang-out” at the library! Whatever will I do? I actually had a panic-attack on Thursday night envisioning this lack of books! This is all rather silly, I know. My library is closing for a year so that they can renovate it. It’s really too small for the town, and will be getting additional space, which in the long run is going to be great. But still, I’ll be losing my library for a year.

Lest you think I’ll be in library purgatory, let me explain…there are at least two other libraries within 20 minutes of my house that I can go to. However, as I said, my library is closing for a year! None of the other libraries come close to my library. They don’t smell the same, they don’t feel as comfy and they’re not my library.

I think I’ll sit in a corner and pout – for a year.


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