The End of Summer

We’re heading into Labor Day and the official end of summer. Most schools have already started, and the long endless summer days are over. To me, this has always been a new beginning time of year. It must be because I’ve never gotten over the “back to school” routine. I probably never should have stopped going to school, and in a lot of ways wish I hadn’t. I graduated high school with someone who is working on his fifth or sixth doctorate. If I had the money, that’s where I’d be right now.

Yes, I was the penultimate college nerd…taking notes in class, then after class going to the library to re-write the notes I took. I was happy being a nerd; and I still love learning. School was always one of the most important things in my life; just like reading is now. I’ve learned so much from reading, that in a way; I’m still educating myself. Because this time of year is so much like new beginnings, I’m going to spend some time over this long weekend writing down a list of goals to have accomplished by the end of the year.

So, enjoy your weekend, but don’t forget about your goals.


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