Motivations and Doing Things for Yourself

I have a hard time doing things for just myself.  When I made the list of things that I wanted to get done while my daughter was away, I realized that my list of full of things to get done, and none of the items had anything remotely to do for myself.  I don’t know if your lists are like that, but mine are.

Much of my time is spent doing things that I know others will like, or be happy about.  So, after much thought, I’ve added a few things to my list.  These include calling for a wellness check-up with my doctor (I haven’t had one in about 12 years or so); getting a hair-cut (that hasn’t happened in over a year); and just writing in my journal.

If you’ve been putting off taking care of yourself, please find something to do, just for you.  You are most definitely worth it!


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