Motivations for Change

My daughter is going to Europe on Sunday afternoon.  She’s never flown on a plane, and never been away from home for any length of time before.  While I have worries about her, I also have worries about me.  What will I do while she’s gone?  Who will I have philosophical conversations with?  What will I do with myself?

She’s a grown, adult woman who has been going to college on-line for the past few years, it’s not like she’s a little girl…still, the whole thing is a first for the both of us.  I know that she’ll have a great time, and come back glad that she went.  But I still have the question in my head, What will I do?

I’ve been spending this week writing down all the things that I could/should do while she’s gone.  The top of my list?  Yanking everything out of my closet so that I can go through it and hopefully throw a lot of it away.  I know that I’ve got to keep myself busy; but I still have so much that I want to get done that I haven’t done this summer.  I’m looking at this time as a chance to stop procrastinating and actually finish a lot of things on my list.

So, really, it’s a choice.  I can sit around feeling miserable and missing her, or I can actually get some things accomplished.  I choose accomplishments!


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