The “Joys” of Shoe Shopping

I finally had to break down and buy a new pair of sneakers yesterday.  I wore my old sneakers until they were unwearable.  Which, believe me, they are.  I took them off yesterday afternoon, and after I put them on again, I was limping around for the rest of the night.  They had no more structure; they have holes in the top of them, and I’ve worn holes through the bottoms.  But, I was still wearing them!  I have to admit that walking in the rain really sucked.  Yes, I do hate shoe shopping that much!  I’ve never liked shopping, period, but shoe shopping for me is a new level of hell.

I’ve had this issue all my life, as I’m one of those “lucky” people who have two different-sized feet – one is a 7 and the other is 7-and-a-half.  Since I don’t have a bunch of money, I’ve got to find a pair that will fit my large foot, while at the same time not fall off my small foot.  Not an easy prospect.  On a side note, I also have wide feet (read, flat feet), and as if that isn’t enough, I really need to have surgery on one of my feet, but I’m refusing to even think about it, since I’ll have to pay a large portion of the price out-of-pocket. So, I’m apparently waiting until walking is simply too painful to accomplish.  Right now I like my world-view where I can say, “Oh yeah, my foot hurts – give it time and it’ll go away!”  As we all know, if you ignore something, it will go away, right?

So, I’m pleased to report that I did indeed find a reasonably-priced pair of sneakers that I can wear without walking out of one of them.  Yay me!  So, I should be all set for shoes until around the same time next year (maybe in two years?)


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