Why Nature is Good for Us

I go for at least one walk a day. Usually I try to fit one in early in the morning, but now that the sun is rising later each day, it’s getting harder to manage this. However, I always go for a walk around 11 o’clock. The dogs count on this one, and are often milling about at the front door in order to remind me. They seem to think that if they aren’t making a nuisance of themselves I’ll forget about them.

I was recently thinking about how much better I feel after my walk. If I’ve been in a mildly depressed state before leaving, I’m much happier when I get back. It’s like someone gave me a happy pill. There have been studies regarding this fact, and the main reasons that nature is so good for you are the following: being in nature can ease depression and stress; change your outlook; help with your focus and boost your immunity. http://news.health.com/2014/09/29/health-benefits-of-nature/

Scientists have also discovered that enjoying nature can restore our brains. Apparently being in man-made environments can be over stimulating, while nature can “reset” our brains by allowing us to think as little or as much as we want. There are other benefits to enjoying nature, but one that I definitely have found to be true is that a good walk can make me more creative. I’ve found that I often have wonderful ideas for my writing while walking. Getting those creative juices flowing is always a great idea, and walking is an easy way to do it.

So I suggest that you go out and enjoy nature this weekend. Take the time to reset your brain and enjoy yourself!


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