The Importance of Persistence

As the summer heat and humidity have continued, one thing has made itself pretty clear to me. Motivation gets you only so far, and after that, you really need persistence.

Unfortunately, my ability to consistently follow through with persistence has been lacking this summer. Of course, I’ve got my reasons (read excuses). The top of the list is asthma. Now, I know that people can actually die from asthma so I don’t want to ignore the dangers, but there are things that I could do to limit my problems. I have the ability to workout in my much cooler and drier basement; I’ve got a dehumidifier that’s been running almost non-stop for weeks and weeks; but really, my main problem is that I’ve been lazy. Yes, I know that must be a shock to those of you who read my blog. Me lazy! that just seems insane! Yeah, right…

If I were being lazy only in this area, I wouldn’t be as worried as I am, but this laziness seems to have run amuck throughout my entire existence. I haven’t made a list of weekly goals in at least three weeks, and I haven’t “done” anything that I’d planned on doing this summer. I’ve been dragging my feet and my main excuse has been the weather. Really, I’m rather disgusted with myself at the moment, and have a plan to rectify this despicable situation.

What will be the changes I’ll make, you ask? Well, starting today I’m going to make a new goals list and generate steps to reach them. I really believe that if I decide exactly how to do what I want to do despite the weather, I’ll be able to make these changes stick. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What do you do when the weather interferes with your goals?


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Persistence

  1. I can so relate to your super lazy image – lazy with a cape. Sometimes you just need to go with it. I can put my super lazy cape on, regardless of the weather. I try just to give myself permission to be lazy (I prefer the term re-charging) and in time I usually find my mojo again.

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