The Dog Days of Summer

It’s the end of July, and the summer has been way too summery. While we did have quite a few relatively nice days, the heat and humidity have pretty much negated those glorious few days.

While I try to be as motivated as the next person, the weather can seriously affect me. All I can say is that asthma can really derail my workout plans, and make me feel like lying on the couch all day. But, even though I feel pretty crappy, I do try to go in my basement early in the morning and workout. It’s not like taking a “real” walk, but it’s better than nothing. I do what I can.

However, motivation can be really hard to sustain while at the same time feeling pretty unmotivated, so in case you too are having a summer “lack of motivation” period, I thought I’d share some good quotes with you. What do you do when the weather is insane and your usual workout routine has been derailed?


4 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. I’ve been doing strength training in the morning and waiting until later when temps begin to drop to get a long walk in. 30-60 minute segments are about all I can stand. I want to start training for a 5K in the fall, but the heat and humidity really knock it out of me. It will be treadmill running at the air conditioned YMCA until it cools down. I’m going through a highly motivated phase right now, though, which is unusual – I usually melt into a puddle in July and stay a sloth for the next month. Impending 48th birthday has me kicking things up a notch.

    • That’s so great! I wish I could “catch” your motivation! I did get up and work out this morning, since the humidity has gone down a little bit. Wish I had a YMCA near me, but all we have are expensive gyms. Good luck with your 5K. I too find birthdays a good time to kick start something new!

      • Well, my motivation is as fleeting as a cool breeze in July. I just remind myself that what I did or didn’t do yesterday, does not define what I can or cannot do today. So falling off the wagon is always a temporary state. We’re very lucky to have a Y here, but I try to keep my workouts grounded – very little special equipment leads to fewer excuses. I laugh as I write this – so easy to sound wise, much harder to put into practice!

      • I agree…I always sound so much better than I really am. I too fall off the wagon, but this time around I let myself fall, and then the next day pick myself up. That way, I’m still pretty consistent!

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