How Much is Enough?

I’ve been thinking about greed, and the perceived necessity for us to “have more”. So much of what we see and hear is geared toward making us feel the need to buy more. Advertisements are everywhere; from the Internet to television, movies, radio and magazines; all pushing us to buy buy buy. The underlying message is that unless we buy, we’ll never be happy. But, of course the truth is that happiness cannot be bought.  I seriously doubt that anyone found the meaning of life and true happiness in a new pair of jeans, or even in a new house; much less in more of what we’ve already got.

I am not a huge consumer of products, but I too have my tipping point. Because I’m a writer, I firmly believe that if I only find the exact, magic pen, I’ll be the author of the all-time, best novel. So, yes, I’ve been known to be seduced by more than one fancy-looking pen, waving at me from the display case, promising me the great American Novel. Rubbish, I say, all rubbish; but there they are, glowing at me from the case,whispering promises, and sometimes I simply can’t resist.

But can more make us happy? Does buying a new pen really fulfill all my needs? The answer to this is of course not. Like most people I’ve fallen into the trap that if only I had this or that, I’d be the happiest person on earth. Advertisements are created to make us think that. But, ads by their very nature are lies.

What do you think? Do all the “things” in your life make you happy? Do you think that if you were able to buy all the products you want to that you would be happier? Let me know.


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