Is There Such a Thing as Drinking Too Much Water?

I keep seeing articles stating that you can die if you drink too much water. I wondered about that, since it can be difficult to drink enough water, so how can you drink too much? When I researched this question I found the following information:

It can be possible to drink too much water; however the scientists are quick to say that it’s not too probable. One way could be if you drank too much while exercising (such as running a 26 mile marathon), but running that marathon slowly while drinking a great deal of water. Because your body was diverting it’s processing to other organs, the kidneys may not be able to deal with a great deal of water in a short period of time.

According to Web MD, you would have to drink gallons and gallons of water to drink enough water to kill you.
The actual problem with drinking too much water is that the sodium level in your body could drop; so you can’t die from drinking water, but from dropping your sodium level. What they’re saying is that if you were drinking a lot of water while sweating a great deal, the sodium level could be lowered. That being said, the ability to die from this is still considered extremely rare and if you’re a regular person, exercising at a normal level, you really shouldn’t worry. Here are some more links regarding this issue:

So, go ahead and drink at least eight glasses of water a day or more if it’s hot out, or you’ve been working out. This is not anything to lose any sleep over. Stay hydrated!


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