How My Transformation is Going

It’s been awhile since I shared how my transformation is going. My physical changes are coming along very slowly; and there have been times that I’ve wanted to throw the towel in and just bow to defeat. But, the fact that growing muscle is the only way to burn fat has kept me going. I am growing muscle; muscle that I can see in my forearms and lower legs. It’s my upper arms and legs that are taking longer than I would like.

My mental transformation is going along just as slowly. Practicing yoga has been wonderful, and I must say that it alone is responsible for any strides toward change that I have made. Changing the way I self-talk has been horribly hard. I’ve only spoken badly of myself to myself for many many years. I have been hyper-critical of everything I’ve ever done for such a long time that changing those habits has been a slow process. However, I now am aware when I criticize myself, and I try to immediately stop that behavior. So, my awareness of what it is that I’ve been doing to myself has helped me to make some changes. I’m not saying that I don’t backslide, because I do, but I’m working hard on changing.

My transitioning from vegetarian to vegan has been the easiest thing that I’ve done.  The only time I had any trouble was with all the chocolates on Easter.  When I did eat some, I paid for it in spades.  I’ve learned my lesson, and next year will make sure I’ve got a few of the vegan chocolates around, although I doubt I’ll be tempted again.

So, there you go. I’m in the process of change. There are goals that I have accomplished, but there are many more to go. And, being a human, once I accomplish them I’ll find more to achieve. In a few months I’ll let you know if I’ve gotten even further along this journey I’m on. It’s so slow, but I’m still putting one foot in front of the other.


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