The Trouble With Summer

I don’t know if you have this problem int the summer, but I have a hard time achieving my goals and basically getting anything done.  The days are either too beautiful to work, or too hot and humid to be able to focus.  What a lot of excuses, right?  However, it’s true, and life is too easy to be this hard.

The only way for me to get my workouts in this summer is to start at 3:30 am.  I’m now going for a walk in the dark with my equally crazy dog and my flashlight in my hot little hand.  Yesterday I smelled a skunk, but couldn’t see it, necessitating an extremely fast run down the street while all the time wondering if I was running toward or away from the danger of being sprayed.  Fun times, that.  The real problem is that getting up so early to workout is difficult when the weather is too hot and humid to fall asleep at a reasonable hour at night.  Not getting enough sleep sucks.

So, I’m going to rewrite my goals in order to accept the fact that I’m just TOO HOT to push myself right now.  When it cools down, I’ll be back to my old plans.  Life happens, so just get over it.  I’m just going to go get my big-girl panties out of the frig now and put them on.


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