Inside Out – The Movie! & Balanced Emotions

I just saw Inside Out with my daughter yesterday. I really liked the movie and how they chose to portray Rileys’ feelings. I found it to be quite clever. The thing is though, that no one told me it would be hard to watch. When Riley gets depressed, I found the fact that everything had turned grey to be really affecting. Perhaps that was just me, as I know exactly what that feels like.

The part I found to be the most interesting was when Joy gets sucked out of the “control tower” along with Sadness. Joy had been the one who controlled the emotions the most. She made Riley a truly happy girl, but didn’t allow her to feel Sadness, Disgust, Fear or Anger. When Joy disappeared, Disgust, Fear and Anger didn’t know what to do. Joy had been managing all the emotions, and no one else knew how to run the control tower.

I’ve noticed that people often ignore too many of their emotions. In fact some people do this so well that they have become numb. They claim that they are fine, but in fact are not. Later in the movie Joy comes to realize that she needs Sadness to in order for Riley to have a balance.

Keeping in touch with our feelings can sound like an airy-fairy thing to say. However, there is research that suggests this is exactly what we need to do.

What do you do to keep your emotions in balance? I find Yoga to be helpful, but I also have kept a journal for years. I find it helpful to re-read my journals on occasion.  I like to see if I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to; and also how far I need to go. Let me know what you do for balanced emotions.


2 thoughts on “Inside Out – The Movie! & Balanced Emotions

  1. A movie about emotions? I definitely need to watch it, thanks for sharing it here with us 😀

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